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Tiger L.

Best root canal experience I have EVER had!!!
The entire staff was incredibly friendly and kind!
Dr. Ianiro has the most lovely presence. I highly recommend this Endodontics practice!

Christine R.

Went for a root canal. First ever. I was petrified. Dr. Ianiro and her staff stayed in the office late that day after my dentist sent my Xray to her. They were all so friendly. The office was comfortable with headphones and a blanket. The experience was pretty much painless. And I left with a bowl of soup! I would highly recommend her.

Jim S.

Dr. Staci R. Ianiro has changed my mind about root canals.  She is at the top of the top for her fantastic work.  She is soooo wonderful.  I could easily have gone to sleep during her work on my mouth.

I can't wait to have my next root canal.  She is the best of the best.

Dr. Ianiro was so helpful and informative! Such a bright positive attitude! The office staff was very friendly and accommodating every step of the way. I needed a root canal and and had trouble with a previous dentist. I wanted to make sure it was done by someone I could trust. My wife saw Dr. Ianiro and was very happy with the service. They had a few unexpected cancels and got me booked in the same day I had called! Got everything taken care of in one visit! I felt confident leaving the office! Even left with soup! If I could give 6 stars I would. Gentle, kind, informative, thorough service through and through. Never thought I would be more excited to see someone for my teeth (especially for a root canal)!

Thomas H.


No one looks forward to getting a root canal but Dr. Ianiro made the procedure painless and virtually stress free. She is personable and sincere and I appreciate how thoroughly she explained the process from start to finish. Her work was exceptional, even down to preserving the aesthetic appearance of my crown. The best part is I have no more nagging pain. I highly recommend Dr. Ianiro!

Tina P.


I want to extend the biggest of thank you's to the amazing Dr. Ianiro and her wonderful staff. They went above and beyond for me, contacting my insurance provider for me before I even scheduled an appointment, and making me feel valued and taken care of before I even stepped foot in the office. If you are nervous about anything at all, they are there to kindly educate you, walk you through the procedure, and make sure you feel relaxed and prepared. Ana, the assistant who took care of me, was so kind and easy to talk to which instantly put me at ease, and Dr. Ianiro was so warm and informative, and very attentive and gentle throughout the entire procedure. It really was painless. The atmosphere was inviting and comfortable, and the little touches--such as a soft pillow and blanket and the thoughtful cup of soup they sent me home with--only made an already great root canal experience more pleasant. Dr. Ianiro and her staff are extremely personable, highly professional, and use only the best technology. I highly recommend this office to anyone in need of a root canal!

Abby C


I can't imagine there is anyone as pleasant, professional, or thorough as Dr. Ianiro.  I was in for a lengthy procedure to repair a root canal from ten years ago (different endodontist), which also happened to be part of a bridge.  It had become infected.

Dr. Ianiro explained everything fully; the procedure from start to finish, how she would handle whatever she found, and all the possible causes of the infection e.g. cracked tooth, gum issue, old canal inserts too short, or even possibly a fourth canal that had never been emptied and filled.  Turns out it was just that - a fourth canal in one of the roots that had never been cleaned and refilled.  She showed and explained everything on the X-rays, and we got started.  The shots were nearly imperceptible, and no more than was needed.

The procedure was a bit more complicated than a regular root canal.   Start to finish, I was there a little over two hours.  About 15 minutes into the procedure I went from the usual dentist\endo nervousness to completely relaxed, watching what I could see, and listening to the explanations. Well into it, I caught myself momentarily dozing off a few times.  It doesn't get any more relaxed and stress free than that.

The assistant and office staff were equally pleasant and professional and the paperwork (all digital) from my dentist and my records went as smoothly as possible.  Outstanding operation all around. Far and away the best experience I've ever had at a dentist or endodontist. I wouldn't even consider going to anyone else from now on.

Phil P.


Dr. Ianiro and the Team are fabulous! There are many ways to win the hearts of your customers or patients and the Ianiro Team have thought of everything.  I went in for a root canal and on the first visit was told that the tooth may have to come out. I was a bit stressed, but Dr. Ianiro was confident it could be saved; she saved it! Not only was it a virtually painless procedure because of Dr. Ianiro's gentle touch, I was sent home with Chicken Tortilla soup from Whole Foods and Dr. Ianiro called me to check in the same evening.  WOW, that's patient care at the highest level.  Dr. Ianiro goes the extra mile by hiring the right people, having a very comfortable and welcoming office and providing outstanding patient care.

Thanks, Team Ianiro!

Vaundee A.


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